The World of Dropzone Commander

It is the Year 2670

A Golden Age of humanity has passed into history. A time when mankind advanced implacably and unopposed through the stars has gone beyond living memory. Planet Earth and the original Cradle Worlds are lost to the great foe; the Scourge. The shattering invasion of this terrible enemy has torn the domains of man asunder and left for them nothing but scraps.

The remnants of human civilization now exist in a collection of frontier planets. Thinly spread and underdeveloped, they are pale shadow of mankind’s former glories.

However, this is not an age without hope.

Humanity has found new strength, unity, and purpose in these times of dire fortune. The colonies are undertaking a period of vigorous and dynamic expansion that is unrivaled in the history of our race. United by a new-found common purpose – Reconquest – they dig in their heels and start to rebuild what has been lost.

The armies of the United Colonies of Mankind, the largest military force in humanity’s history, march towards humanity’s former heartland; an odyssey through the stars towards a distant and glittering goal – Earth.


The World of Blood and Rust

Olympus Prime. A once a beautiful planet with an aerospace and mining industry to rival that of Earth. Now a pale shadow of its formal glory. The Scourge invaders squat in the ground based space-ports and massive orbital docking systems, but leave the rest of the planet to rot.

As nature expands and consumes what were once some of mankind’s greatest cities, there is movement in the squalor. Despite systematic enslavement and implantation a lucky few survive free. The United Colonies of Mankind have coined these individuals, now formed into minor survivor societies, the Resistance. Having lived under Scourge oppression for 160 years they are pegged as a key resource and natural ally.

A Critical Mission

August 3rd, 2677. Twenty-three years prior to the launching of the Reconquest.

A dangerous fold-space jump brings a black dagger of a ship nerve-wrackingly close to a massive alien fleet. Systems are set to run cold as the vessel cuts through an unused section of twisting orbital dock and descends into upper atmosphere. Breath is held, but no Scourge hunter killers or fighters move to intercept.


The U.C.M.S. Navaho, a state of the art blockade runner built on Ferrum’s shipyards, cautiously brings its systems back on-line and green-lights the mission a go. Not minutes later, three bays on the belly of the ship peel back to disgorge three black Raven A/S stealth drop-ships laden with Marine Force Recon soldiers and intelligence gathering officers. Their goal? To make contact with local Resistance cells and assess the Scourge strengths and weaknesses at key junctures.

Each Raven A/S team is tasked with an Operation peculiar just to them. Failure to accomplish these missions is not an option and capture is beyond question. The fate of the Olympus Prime’s liberation, perhaps in the Reconquest itself, rests in the hands of the fateful men and women charged with this monumental duty.


A Beleaguered Home

A disparate band of survivors clinging on in the crumbling southern suburbs of Asteria are at wits end. Their once seemingly infinite supply of Diesel, necessary for the generators of the old bunker they take refuge in, is running low. Patrols are going out further and further into the city every day to get at the rotting tankers full of fuel scattered along ancient mega-highways, but this is pushing them ever closer to a terrifying band of Feral Cannibals and, even worse, to Scourge Patrols in the alien up-kept industrial districts.


Blood and Rust: Survival in the Post Apocalyptic Wasteland

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