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History: The Plight of Mankind

In 2507 humanity was confronted with an unprecedented blitzkrieg and subsequent enslavement by the galaxy’s ultimate predator. Only those that retreated to the far-flung colonies or that hid well enough under-ground escaped a fate worse than death.


Asteria: The remnants of paradise.

A ground-locked city residing on the continent of Domerii. Asteria was an edifice for the affluent built upon the backs of the poor. Located in a warm temperate climate, with towering skyskrapers, a burgeoning space-port, and crystaline lakes, it was a virtual paradise. Now, so long after the invasion, it is a fetid shell. Pipe systems break and flood many streets with water, plants fight valiantly to tear down construction meant to last hundreds of years, and predators (once kept as novelties in zoos) now lurk in the shadows.


The Bunker: Civilized society in an age of desperation.

A fallout shelter once built by a paranoid noble on the Southern outskirts of Asteria, located with easy access to the ancient mega-highways bisecting the city, forms the foundation of a relatively civilized Resistance band.


The Unhallowed: A brutal society built on cruelty and violence.

Branded cannibals and wild savages by The Bunker; There is far more to The Unhallowed than meets the eye.


The Scourge: The unknowable.

Despite recession to specific locales the Scourge are still an extremely dangerous threat. Those that are smart do all that they can to avoid the notice of the eyes in the sky.


Weapons and Technology