Weapons and Technology

Po-tech VS Gold-Tech

Po-Tech, or Poor Tech, is the term given to any scavenged or re-engineered peice of equipment. These are a frankensteinean result of salvaged Gold-Tech, ramshackle resistance engineering, and a stubborn Do-It-Yourself mentality. This unique combination of sources makes modern resistance technology aesthetically unique, even from item to item.

This is so much so that even identical rifles will have their individual quirks. This was partly born of necessity in a harsh world under Scourge Occupation. The other part was, in truth,
that the resistance has adopted a culture all its own which celebrates individualism, applauded self sufficiency, and glorifies independence. This is most evident in the custom
vehicles driven by the Resistance Bands and bandits in the wasteland. Whereby each one is simultaneously an efficient paired-down death machine and a work of abstract art
and self expression. This is the antithesis of Gold-Tech which is dug up from the ruins of the old world, often from underground factory store-houses, fully formed and shiny.

Gold-Tech or Golden Age Tech is the 150+ year old remnants of humanities glory days as an interstellar civilization. These venerable pieces of engineering were built
to last the centuries. Hardy, over-engineered, and powerful these pieces of technology were the result of a runaway military budget and industrial complex that
sought to create the best of the best, sparring no expense. As an example, the prewar M9 Hannibal was the mainstay of the peacetime armies. Despite using outmoded
technology, it is well-engineered enough to still outperform UCM main tanks in survivability by 18%. Peacetime budgets at the time were excessive, bordering on
decadence and vanity. The populace then had fears fueled by Shaltari incursions into Human Space. This served as a spending excuse for the funding of of pet projects
which eventually lead to the development of the M-20 Zhukov Anti-Air tank, M-3 Alexander Super Battle Tank, and AH-16 Cyclone Attack Helicopter.

Weapons and Technology

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